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Top tips, to sell this winter…



Selling a home during the winter can have its challenges.  Your garden is looking far from its best, the grey weather doesn’t flood your house with bright sunlight, and potential buyers just want to hibernate. But winter could be the perfect opportunity to get your home on the market as people search for their new place to move into by summer. Here’s our five top tips on how to make the most of your home whatever the weather:

  1. Warm and welcoming

Who doesn’t love stepping into a nice cosy home? The inviting welcome of a warm and toasty house for people viewing could mean they are more likely to consider it as a place for them and their family to live. If you’re out all day at work be sure to set the timer for the heating or utilise your smart apps like Hive to make sure it switches on in plenty of time to heat up the rooms. Stepping into a cold house for a viewing will just make potential buyers rush around so they can escape and get back to their cosy abode.

  1. Clear and clean

As with any time of year you need to keep your house clean and clutter free for viewings, but during the winter months you may need to focus on specific areas.  Hallway carpets could need a deep clean to rid it of any muddy shoe marks.  Tuck away wellies and winter coats that could be cluttering up a porch or entranceway. It’s also a good idea to light some scented candles to disguise any smells that may be lingering like soggy pets. Unlike in warmer months where you can open windows to allow fresh air to circulate your house may become a little stagnant if freezing temperatures have prevented you from doing this.

  1. Light it up

With daylight limited during winter months you don’t want your house to be grey and gloomy so make the most of lighting inside your home. Check all lightbulbs are working before viewings and light lamps to create a warm and inviting ambience.  Don’t forget lighting up your outside space too. A light to the front gives viewers the chance to see your homes curb appeal, and a security light that shines brightly on your garden gives them the chance to see the whole of your property no matter how dark it may be.

  1. Don’t forget the garden

While it may be the last thing on your mind in wet and windy weather, you do need to keep on top of the gardening if you’re hoping to sell your property during the winter months. Keep the grass trim, sweep up fallen leaves, trim hedges and keep driveways and pathways clean and clear, particularly in snowy weather.  Cover weather-beaten garden furniture or pack away in the shed to help the garden look a little less sad.

  1. Set the scene

Ensure your home is well-presented inside and out as you want prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. Consider ‘dressing’ the property for winter with snug blankets, thick interlined curtains and a roaring fire if you have one. Bake bread or cakes to create a yummy scent that will have buyers imaging enjoying their very own hot cross buns with a warming cup of tea on a quiet Sunday morning.

We hope you found these Winter tips helpful, Please not do hesitate to contact Forbes Estates if you require further help and advice on any aspects of presenting your home ready for market.

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