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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Preston & Chorley Property Blog – Local Property Insights: Ignoring the Doom Monger Headlines…

Ignoring the Doom Monger Headlines Navigating the property landscape, requires more than just a reactive approach to the daily newspaper and social media headlines. As homeowners and potential investors are continuously bombarded with alarming whispers of plummeting house prices, coupled with rising interest rates and the heartache of negative equity, there’s a tangible atmosphere of […]


The benefits of selling your home in the Autumn…

    Selling your home in the autumn can be a strategic move with several enticing benefits. First, the weather is mild, creating a comfortable atmosphere for both buyers and sellers. The picturesque autumn foliage can enhance your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, with summer holidays over and kids […]


Preston & Chorley Property Blog – The Hidden Perils of Overpricing Your Home in a Cooling Market…

Understanding the Local Property Market: The Hidden Perils of Overpricing Your Home in a Cooling Market… In an age of soundbites and sensationalism, the UK property market—particularly here in Preston and Chorley—often finds itself misconstrued by general narratives. While we cannot ignore the challenges of increasing mortgage rates and shifting buyer preferences, it is vital […]


The Biggest Question Home Sellers Need to Ask…

Making the decision to sell your home and move is a big one. Whatever the reason whether it’s downsizing, needing more space, wanting a better neighbourhood or to be closer to family and excellent schools it’s life changing. Once you’ve made the decision to move you have another big question to address. How do I […]


The Preston & Chorley Property Blog – Master the Art of Buying and Selling Homes Simultaneously…

Master the Art of Buying and Selling Homes Simultaneously… You’ve seen the perfect home of your dreams that you want to buy, but you still need to put yours on the market. Juggling a home purchase while selling your existing property can feel like walking a tightrope. But don’t sweat; we’ve got a roadmap to […]


Preston & Chorley Property Blog – Navigating First-Time Home Buying Worries with Confidence in Preston & Chorley

Embarking on your first home purchase is a significant step in most people’s lives, but it can bring feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. As a seasoned estate agent, we are here to help you overcome common fears and provide expert strategies to make your experience smoother. Facing First-Time Jitters For first-time buyers, buying your first […]