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Monthly Archives: October 2022


Escaping an Insurance Nightmare on Your Street. In this two-minute read, we look at how you can avoid scary problems with your home and buildings insurance. AND the essential items people regularly forget to cover. It’s scare season again and few things are more chilling than discovering your home isn’t correctly insured. Buildings and contents […]


Chorley, Leyland & Preston Property Market: Could the humble ‘granny annexe’ help solve the local housing crisis for mature homeowners?

Could the humble ‘granny annexe’ help solve the local housing crisis for mature homeowners? Most local homeowners born before 1960 have been in their homes for more than 25 years. Yet of all the properties sold in the UK since the first lockdown in the summer of 2020, 50% of those property owners had only […]


Six quick and simple ways to stage your home in a hurry…

Eager to sell…and the estate agent calls you and says that they have a potential cash buyer who would like to come and view your property in an hour – what do you do? Don’t panic and follow these 6 simple tips to have your home viewing-ready and in a hurry. First step is to […]


Seven Steps to Landlord Success in just 60 seconds…

Below is a seven-step guide for landlords to help make renting their property a success. 1)            Get Valuations. So, you have a property to rent? We suggest calling in three different agencies to compare prices, people and approach. 2)            Choosing an Agent. Look for local experience, integrity and proven success. 3)            Marketing Matters. How and […]


Who Should Do Your Property Viewings?

Your property is on the market and requests to view it have started rolling in. What do you do next? The objective of any viewing is to give potential buyers the opportunity to get a close up view of your property in the hope they like what they see and make you an offer. But […]


Bungalows – Some People Love Having Nothing Up Top!

We love all kinds of property at Forbes Estates. From a one-bedroom studio flat to a sprawling 7-bedroom country pad complete with a swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. And one of the UK’s favourite types of homes, especially as the population lives longer, are bungalows. One floor living is getting a lot of love in […]


Five Tips to Avoid a House of Horrors…

In this spooktacular article, we look at five things you want to avoid when selling your home. This infamous five will have prospective buyers fleeing your property as quickly as if they bumped into Freddy Kruger in your bathroom! But fear not as we have a treat for you this Halloween and we’ll show you […]


Preston, Chorley & Leyland Property Blog – Waiting for the Local House Market to Crash Will Cost You £28,433

Doom and gloom in the British property market or clickbait doom-mongers? Newspapers and clickbait 24-7 news websites, desperate for clicks, are peddling a story of a doomsday time for the economy, particularly the property market, as interest rates and inflation create the perfect storm for the UK property market. So, let us look at what […]


Is that your best offer?

One of the recurring questions we at Forbes Estates get asked by people selling their homes with us is ‘Should I accept this offer?’ Depending on our response this is often followed with another question: “Ok then, so what’s an acceptable offer?” The truth is it depends on many factors. It is important to consider the […]