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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Is Selling Your Home Possible Without an Estate Agent?

When it comes to selling your property, you could consider the option of bypassing the services of a conventional estate agent. However, it’s essential to carefully assess the advantages and drawbacks before deciding. Selling a property can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you go solo. This article will guide you through the various avenues […]


Navigating Mortgage Holidays – A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners…

If you have a home and are considering the idea of ‘mortgage holidays’ but are unsure about their specifics, this article is for you. A mortgage holiday, also called a payment break, grants you a temporary respite from your mortgage payments. An invaluable option during financial challenges or unforeseen expenditures, mortgage holidays can vary. You […]


Maximise Your Home’s Potential – Transformative Garage Conversions Unveiled

Transformative Garage Conversions Unveiled Are you yearning for extra space within your home? Look no further than garage conversions – an intelligent choice for amplifying your living area and boosting property value. As leading local estate agents, we’re here to guide you through the transformative process, offering valuable insights that could sway your decision between […]


The Untold Story of Terraced Houses – The Preston & Chorley Property Blog

Call me old-fashioned and nostalgic, but I am fond of terraced houses. We have conducted some research that my fellow readers of the Preston & Chorley Property Market Blog will find intriguing! Architecturally speaking, the terraced or townhouse has been prevalent in the UK since the late 1600s. It involves a row of symmetrical houses […]


Preston, Chorley & Leyland Property Bog – 14 Reasons Not to Fear Local House Price Drops

The property market experienced a boom between the summer of 2020 and late summer of 2022, fuelled mainly by pandemic-induced trends such as the stamp duty stimulus, low mortgage rates, the race for space, and the rise of remote working. 2023 has presented a different story for the local housing market, with cooling demand, rising […]


Six quick and simple ways to stage your home in a hurry…

Eager to sell…and the estate agent calls you and says that they have a potential cash buyer who would like to come and view your property in an hour – what do you do? Don’t panic and follow these 6 simple tips to have your home viewing-ready and in a hurry. 1. First step is […]