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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Chorley Property News – The Rights, Obligations & Responsibilities of the 842 Chorley Landlords & 2,080 Tenants during the Virus Outbreak

The last three or four weeks, unquestionably, have been one of the most life-changing times we have seen since WW2. The imminent threat of the Coronavirus has taken over the world, the UK, Chorley and will challenge you, our families, our relationships and test us all. The drive of this worldwide action of social distancing […]


Chorley Property Blog – Is it Time to ‘Plan’ to Get the Builders In?

Even though the new legislation was placed on hold because of the recent General Election, it is expected the Government will start fining around half of all UK local authorities for failing to build enough new homes as Westminster starts to force local authorities to build more homes with the new laws. The Conservative Government […]


7 Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Spring…

One of the most often asked questions we receive from home sellers is how to best prepare their home for sale to allow them the best possible chance of selling quickly and for the highest price… Here are our top 7 tips to prepare your home this spring… Declutter – firstly have a really good look […]


Book our one-to-one ‘Video Home Seller Consultation’ via Zoom or WhatsApp video.

Thinking of Selling or Letting? – If you are concerned about the current environment and cautions about inviting Estate Agents into your home over the coming weeks, why not consider booking our one-to-one ‘Video Home Seller Consultation’ via Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp video. Simply book your on obligation Video Home Seller Consultation with Paul Forbes […]


Chorley Property News – Chorley Homeowners £848,375,100 Mortgage Windfall Since 2014

In the latest, and most recently published, set of UK mortgage data (for the month of November 2019) 18,470 pound-for-pound re-mortgages were made (i.e. the borrower went from one rate to another with no additional borrowing). However, since the 1970’s, the British have seen their homes as cash cows and cash machines, with many homeowners […]