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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Questions to ask an Estate Agent

We received a call recently from a retired gentleman who had lived in the same house for more than 40 years. He was relocating to be closer to his family and was selling his property for the first time and unsure what to ask agents. The advice we gave him is what we share with […]


What Will Happen to House Prices in 2022?

Some people asking this question are local buyers troubling themselves that they are about to buy their home just before a potential property crash, yet others are homeowners wanting to know where the top of the market is before they sell. Even a handful of landlords unable to either start buying or start selling some […]


ATTENTION LANDLORDS… The Chorley & Leyland Landlord’s Compliance Health Check are you compliant?

Reports that one of the most prominent Estate Agents in the UK had allowed its landlords to open to fines of between £9million and £30million in the last few days. This is because they allegedly failed to send some paperwork to their tenants when their tenancy started. This has had many landlords picking up the […]


Chorley & Leyland Property Blog: People’s Addiction to Their Spare Bedrooms

The Housing Minister, Chris Pincher, has suggested older homeowners are “rattling around” in their homes as they are too big for them. He implied they are selfish and should sell up and move to a retirement home when he spoke to a committee in the House of Lords. He stated that many British homes are […]


And so this is Christmas…

  We’re a musical bunch at Forbes Estates, or some of us like to think we are. This means we love a bit of carol singing and festive songs on loop in our office. Have you got your Christmas list ready? I don’t ask Santa for much, in fact, All I Want for Christmas is […]


Why Boxing Day is Brilliant for Savvy Home Sellers…

In this two-minute read, we unwrap the staggering statistics and reasons which make Boxing Day more than just a time for food, family and friends. It’s one of the best times to list your house to potential buyers… Picture the scene – It’s the afternoon after the night before. It’s Boxing Day! The presents are all […]


Chorley and Leyland Property Blog- The Effect of Rising Inflation on Local House Prices

House prices tend to rise with inflation, so with UK annual inflation hitting 4.2% last week, that’s good news, isn’t it? Yes and no – let me explain what it means for homeowners. The year-on-year cost of living rose by 4.2% in October, its highest rate in almost a decade. This jump in prices (inflation), […]


Steps To Protect Your Home From Burglars

Burglars target homes that they think will contain valuables, a sure giveaway is leaving packaging from expensive items outside your home. Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property. Ensure rear fencing is in good repair. Improve natural surveillance at the front of your property i.e. trim high hedges. […]