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Should I give my agent a set of keys for viewings?

Should I give my agent a set of keys for viewings?

If you’re hoping to sell your property in a quick time then handing over the keys to your agent could prove very beneficial.


In the age of the internet and 24 access, people have become impatient and can often expect to view a property within a short turnaround time.  They see your property on Rightmove, call your agent to arrange a viewing only to be told this isn’t possible until the weekend. This could lead a potential buyer to discount your property in favour of one they are able to view the same day.  Giving your agent a set of keys means they are able to accommodate and show prospective buyers around (obviously with your permission first) at times of the day when you might not be available, allowing them to be totally responsive and reactive.

Expert viewings

Leaving your agent to take charge of the majority of viewings also means that you have an expert on hand to sell your house. Well-trained agents will have all the necessary tools to really pull out the highlights of your property and bring these to potential buyers attention. They will be armed with local knowledge about the surrounding area and should be able to give inspiration and advise if the property is in need of some renovation.

Things to consider:

  • Contact – A good agent will check with you first if they are ok to show somebody around your property at short notice. This means you will need to be responsive to calls or emails from them.
  • Clean and tidy – The property should be viewing worthy the whole time it is on the market. Whilst this may not be easy it does allow your agent the freedom to show potential buyers around at a time that suits them, we recommend that you do your best to keep your house as tidy as possible whilst on the market.
  • Pets – If you have dogs or cats that might be around then do make your agent aware so they are prepared. They may need to arrive a little early to tidy up or try and contain the pet to one room while the viewing takes place or at least prepare potential buyers in case they have a fear of dogs/cats.

It is so important to give your estate agent a key to your property whilst on the market, if you wanting to sell your property this spring we’re here to help and get you moving. Get in touch with Forbes Estate Agent by calling on 01257 273324 or you can drop us an email at info@forbesestates.co.uk we look forward to the opportunity of working with you to get your home sold promptly.

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