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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Would Your Children Like a Letter from Santa?

Would Your Children Like a Letter from Santa… With Christmas just around the corner I’m so excited to let you know that again this year we have made direct contact with the one and only – Santa Claus! Now Santa has sent me on a mission with an important question for you. Santa would like […]


Chorley Property Blog – powered by Forbes. Advice for First Time Buyers

5 First Time Buyers Tips.   1969 was the first time a human landed on the moon. 1954 was the first time a man ran a mile in under 4 minutes. Could 2019 be the first time you buy your own property? There’s a first time for everything in life – including buying your first […]


Is Black Friday a Big Con?

When the shopping phenomenon Black Friday crashed upon these shores from our cousins across the Atlantic it was seen as retail heaven by many. Prices slashed pretty much everywhere on everything and the best part was its timing. Black Friday or Noir Vendredi as it would be referred to in France (do they even have […]


Steps To Protect Your Home From Burglars

14 Steps to protect your home from burglars: As the nights draw in and the days get shorter what’s on your mind? Thinking ahead and planning for Christmas? Thinking of putting your house on the market? Researching better electric and gas deals before the cold weather comes rolling? Or maybe you’re one of these people […]


Chorley Property Blog – powered by Forbes. BUY-TO-LET LANDLORD TIME BOMB?

The £1,562,371 Ticking Time Bomb for Chorley Landlords “I just love looking over and keeping up to date the 108 pieces of legislation that govern the rental of residential property in the UK” …No Chorley Landlord, ever If you are one of the 811 Chorley landlord’s that manages your own property, would it surprise you […]


2 bed, 3 bed or 4 bed homes – Which Sell the Best in Chorley?

Chorley Property Blog: A few months ago it was taking on average 46 days from a property coming on the market for it to be sold subject to contract (and that was based on every Estate Agent in Chorley) … and today … 85 days  .. does that surprise you with what is happening in […]


Protecting Your Pets During the Firework Season

The build up and festivities around Bonfire Night can be a lot of fun. But it’s not all excited gasps at whooshing rockets and delighted squeals at the site of spinning Catherine Wheels lighting up the night sky. For many pets and animals this is THE worst time of year. At Forbes Estate Agents we […]