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How to Make Your Chorley Garden Summer Ready

Whether you are a green fingered fanatic and can’t wait to pull on your gardening gloves and get stuck in, or if you consider the maintenance of your outside space as just another household task that you need to tick off a list, you can’t deny that the imminent arrival of summer is the perfect […]



Zooplas latest update suggests demand for property is up +29% year on year yet supple is down -20% (we have certainly seen this at Forbes Estates) The simple result of that imbalance between supply and demand = national prices increased +4.1% so far this year to April. The upward trend is very regional though… Zoopla […]


Chorley Property Blog: Chorley Buy-to-Let Property Market Going into Crisis?

…as first-time buyers now only need a 5% deposit for a mortgage. Landlords, sell your property portfolios, your tenants will soon be leaving in droves as they buy their first home with the new 5% deposit mortgages backed by the Government’s new mortgage-guarantee scheme revealed in March’s budget! These 95% mortgages are to be supported […]


Chorley Property Blog – Panic Buying in the Chorley Property Market?

Would it surprise you that there are 83% fewer LOCAL properties for sale today than a decade ago? Property values are much higher than a decade ago and the property market at the moment in Chorley and surrounding villages is on fire. In all my years as an agent, I have never seen it like […]


6 Tips to buy in today’s Hot Market…

Buying a property in a hot market can be very intense and for those buyers who are not experienced in the intricacies of buying property it can be very daunting. But it doesn’t need to be like that as there are a few things you can do to buy well during a competitive market, try some […]


Chorley Property Blog – Chorley Property Market: 2011-2021, a look back at the local housing market over the past decade

With all of us completing the Census, a couple of weeks ago, it made me realise profoundly that mine and my family’s life, which from our own point of view seems unique and delightful, makes us all into a series of statistics for the Census gatherers to pore over. To digest and regurgitate facts, figures […]



Tonnes of chocolates, loads of bunnies and piles of hot cross buns. That’s right folks unless you’ve been on holiday to the moon for a few months you’ll know it’s Easter. A time for enjoying family traditions.  And in many cases probably putting on a few pounds over the long weekend. Some Easter traditions around […]


Chorley Property News: First-Time Buyers Can Now Buy Using 5% Deposit Mortgages

Yet higher mortgage rates could see Chorley buyers paying a lot more each month for the privilege Being a first-time buyer in the last 12 months has not been an easy thing. Just before lockdown there were 400 ‘5% deposit mortgage’ deals and first-time buyers were able shop around to get the best deal. When […]


Chorley Property News: Chorley Pensioner Homeowners Are Now Worth £874,176,300

How wealth is distributed will always be a contentious issue, especially as the Baby Boomers (those aged between their late 50’s and late 70’s) wealth has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, compared to the wealth of the younger generation. With most UK property in the hands of the older generation, with its total […]


Chorley Property Blog – The Busiest December for the Chorley Housing Market Since 2006

Over the last six months, the Chorley Property Market has been flourishing. As soon as an estate agent’s ‘For Sale’ flag went up, neighbours would be checking out Rightmove to see the internal pictures and compare the asking price to their own home (go on … admit you do that too – every Chorley homeowner […]