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Are you looking for a home? There are many things to consider when purchasing a new property; the location, the style of the property (older, newer, bungalow, flat or house) number of bedrooms, reception rooms and bathrooms, the garaging and parking, the garden and, of course, the price you’re prepared to pay. After looking at […]


Why Are More Chorley & Leyland OAP Homeowners Deciding Not to Move Home?

A recent report by Legal & General stated that since the pandemic, many older homeowners had put their plans to move home ‘on ice’. It said that fewer OAP homeowners are planning to downsize from their large family homes after the pandemic made them realise the actual value of their local community and space. Historically, […]


How Gas Safe Are Homes in Chorley and Leyland?

In this two-minute read, we look at how you can keep your home and family safe as the weather turns colder. The awareness article is timed to get you thinking about and checking your boiler and gas appliances before the winter sets in and the importance of having their gas appliances serviced every year. Here’s […]


How to handle offers on your property – in five steps…

Whenever people sell their homes with us at Forbes Estates one of the questions which nearly always comes up from them is – How do I respond to offers? Below is our five point advice on what you need to consider when deciding whether it’s an offer too good to refuse. An accurately priced and […]



Why September? Are you considering putting your property up for sale? How and when your home goes on the market can determine whether you secure the right deal. And believe it or not the time is now. Yes, September could be the best time of the year to get your house sold and at the […]


HOME BUYERS TIP – If you don’t put yourself on the agent’s mailing lists, you could end up losing out on the property of your dreams.

The important thing is not to wait for the property to hit the portals (i.e. Rightmove etc). Yet research shows, nearly 5 out of 6 people who bought their home were not on the agents mailing list before they viewed the home they eventually bought. That’s OK in a normal property market as you can […]



Whether you are a homeowner, first-time buyer or landlord; the last 15 months has been a roller coaster ride when it comes to the local property market. With 213,120 UK house buyers and 58,580 UK tenants moving home in June, the summer has been manic for many people. Meaning some homeowners are asking if they […]


Chorley & Leyland Property Blog – Chorley & Leyland Homeowners Have Turned to the Rental Market to Cash in By £30,500 Each

Should you sell or should you buy in this most interesting Chorley & Leyland property market? I have calculated that at least 113 local house sellers have rented a home to break their house chain in the last 12 months, although at a cost as they face paying many thousands of pounds in rent.  There […]


How not to Lose Sleep over Selling Your House

Buying or selling a property can sometimes be stressful. It can even cause you sleepless nights. At Forbes Estate Agents, we do all we can to insulate our clients from any unnecessary stress and delays. Our years of successful experience in helping people to move homes means there’s hardly anything we’ve not come across and […]


Chorley & Leyland Property Blog – Only 1 in 15 Local Properties are Bungalows, Despite an Ageing Population. Why?

The bungalow is a building that has represented a more leisurely, gentler way of life since the early 1900’s. Bungalows have been sold as an aspiration for those about to retire, saving them the annoyance of having to climb stairs. With an ageing population, one would think they would be building more bungalows, yet nothing […]