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Chorley Property Blog, powered by Forbes – Chorley Home Buyers & Landlords Set to Save £716,730 in Stamp Duty over the Next Nine Months

The British are infatuated with owning their own property and politicians know that. Margaret Thatcher used it as a vote winner in 1979 when she allowed council house tenants to buy their own home. Coming to the present day, Boris Johnson’s Conservative government have anxieties that the Brits have not been buying nearly enough homes […]


First time home buying advice in Chorley & Leyland, without the jargon…

There’s a first time for everything, and in this 3-minute easy-read, we share advice on making your property buying debut a successful one. Do you remember when you rode a bike without support for the first time? Or when you learned to swim? And who can forget the moment when the driving examiner turns and […]


Chorley Property News – The Chorley post lockdown property market.

What we have learned in the first month? From talking to most of the Chorley estate and letting agents and our own findings, it might surprise many of you that new enquiries from homebuyers, tenants, landlords and home sellers have been at record levels since lockdown was lifted from the property market in mid-May. There […]


Chorley Property Blog- Are Buy to Let Landlords to Blame for Chorley’s Housing Crisis?

Isn’t it funny that nobody boasts they are a buy to let landlord anymore? Roll the clock back to the early millennium and you couldn’t go to the local golf club or shop at a Tesco without someone dropping buy to let into the conversation as easily and as often as the weather. Yet now, […]


Chorley Property Market – The Lockdown Landlords of Chorley

Despite Government regulations that have been in place since the 26 March 2020, when in-person viewings were made illegal, Chorley’s buy to let landlords have during that time been chomping at the bit to build their property empire by looking at buying additional properties for their local buy to let portfolio. There are plenty of investors […]


Chorley Property Blog, Powered by Forbes – Is this a good time to buy your first home?

Should you wait to buy your first home in Chorley or buy now? What sort of mortgages are available? What sort of deposit is required? These are questions all local buyers are asking at the moment, yet this week I would like to focus on first-time buyers and what it means directly and indirectly to […]


7.9% of Chorley Workers Worked From Home Before Covid-19 – Wonder How Many More Do Now?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, 1,360 Chorley people worked mainly from home, or about 7.9% of Chorley’s 17,314 workforce (compared to the national average of 14.9%). Yet over the last few weeks, many hundreds more Chorley workers have joined them in their spare rooms or at their kitchen or dining room tables. Amongst warnings from […]


Chorley property news – New Electrical Safety Regulations could cost each Chorley Landlord £350+ in the next 13 months

Chorley Electricians are going to very busy in the next 13 months as they will have to test the electrics of every private rented property in Chorley and potentially may have to install new fuse boards and wiring in some circumstances. New regulations set out in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 gave the Secretary […]


Chorley Property Blog, powered by Forbes – What Will Be the Effect of Covid-19 on the Chorley Property Market?

So now we are only a matter of a couple of weeks into lockdown, yet can you believe it I am still speaking with agents from all over the UK, and I do not jest, properties are still being sold and let even in these unprecedented times. Yet I would like to address the question […]


Chorley Property News – The Rights, Obligations & Responsibilities of the 842 Chorley Landlords & 2,080 Tenants during the Virus Outbreak

The last three or four weeks, unquestionably, have been one of the most life-changing times we have seen since WW2. The imminent threat of the Coronavirus has taken over the world, the UK, Chorley and will challenge you, our families, our relationships and test us all. The drive of this worldwide action of social distancing […]