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Monthly Archives: March 2024

UK House Sales 2024 vs 2023…

This informative graphic illustrates the buoyancy of the property market across the United Kingdom for the early part of 2024, specifically from the 1st of January to the 16th of March, compared to the same period in 2023. Over that time frame, there has been a 19.4% increase in UK house sales agreed from 203,254 […]


Preston Property Blog – The Preston Property Market Report for March 2024

As a local Estate and Letting Agents, we like to monitor the Preston property market, compare it to the UK property market, and then share it with homeowners and landlords. For February 2024, the UK property market has seen a continuation of the solid start in the first month of the year. Therefore, in this […]


The 5 Step Process to Decluttering Your Home to Sell…

This is our five-step decluttering guide to greatly aid homeowners in both enhancing their living space and boosting their property’s appeal to potential buyers. Step 1: Start with Surface Clutter Begin by tackling the visible clutter on surfaces such as tables, kitchen worksurfaces, and shelves. This initial step creates immediate visual improvement and sets a […]


How has the Spring Budget affected Homeowners?

The Spring Budget 2024 has introduced some changes that could significantly influence your property strategies and investment outcomes. Here’s a comprehensive mini update: Capital Gains Tax Cut: A major highlight is the reduction in the higher rate of property Capital Gains Tax from 28% to 24%. This tax is applicable when you profit from the […]