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You’ve finally moved house… but what’s next?

So you’ve got the keys and moved the boxes into your new home? The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived, but what’s next?

As well as planning your house decoration projects and maybe even a house- warming, we have created a list of quick and easy after moving house essential tasks whether you are moving or recently moved locally or into the Chorley area.

  • Redirect your post-prevent your personal details from falling into the wrong hands and ensure you don’t miss any important documents by applying for a Royal Mail Redirection.

  • Organise a doorstep milk delivery- moving house can be a great time to start getting a regular doorstep delivery of milk, cream and eggs. Get in touch with Denham Springs Dairy who will organise a delivery to suit you.
  • Arrange a weekly fruit and vegetable delivery- call Martin Wall on 01254830795 who will call by on his red tractor and trailer full of fresh produce.
  • Change your address with your bank- most banks now allow you to do this through their online banking apps.
  • Change your address with your insurance companies- in order for your car and home insurance to be valid make sure you give them a call and update your policies.
  • Compare/ organise utility bills- don’t stick with the previous owners’ energy suppliers as they could be on expensive standard tariffs. Use this Cheap Energy Club tool to compare the cheapest tariffs for you.
  • Take a meter reading- do this as soon as you can so you’re not being billed for the previous owners’ usage.
  • Register to vote– When you move, you don’t automatically get registered to vote at your new address. Have your say on who represents you by completing the online registration which only takes a few minutes.
  • Find a dentist– again, use this NHS ‘Find a dentist’ tool to get registered before you have toothache!
  • Check/ install smoke detectors- Make sure you check whether any smoke detectors are fitted and are working. You can also a receive a Home Fire Safety Check from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Congratulations on your new home, now your all organised it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new surroundings!