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Is a For Sale Board really necessary to help sell my house?

You may need a traditional For Sale Board, here’s why – Our clients often ask us if a board will significantly improve their chances of selling, especially as the majority of (but not all) buyer’s source property online. Some sellers feel that a board is unnecessary, or they don’t want their neighbours to know they are selling.

However, experience tells us that properties with boards are far more saleable than without, for the following reasons: 

· Portal, website and newspaper adverts cannot adequately relay the “feel of an area”, potential buyers drive around, inevitably taking note of properties advertised with a board. 

· Viewing-weary buyers are not patient people! When viewing a selection of properties, a board ensures that yours is easily found. 

· A buyer is unlikely to make an offer on no.56 when a board at no.24 suggests a comparable property is available and should be seen before a decision is made.

· It goes without saying that if your potential buyer can’t immediately cast their eyes on your property because there’s no For Sale board then you run the risk of them missing yours and looking at the next available property on their list.

· A board demonstrates that you are a genuine seller, and not just “testing the market”.

· If you look at it from a buyers point of view, when they enter the street we want them to concentrate immediately on your property and nobody else’s. There’s nothing worse than a potential buyer trying to find a property and then they see something else that puts them off the street or worse still, they see a neighbouring property for sale?

· Buyers responding to a board in an unpopular area or noisy road are likely to be especially keen, as they have already accepted a major disadvantage of the property.

· Neighbours will know you are selling when they see people viewing your house even without a board, and could even be offended that you were not more open with them. Neighbours are also a fantastic source of referred buyers. 

We never force our boards on any of our clients. It’s totally their choice and we understand that some people don’t like or want them outside their property.

But speaking from years of experience selling homes traditional boards continue to work well in grabbing people’s attention and building interest in a property – whether it’s being sold or let and it is probably one of the best 24-hour marketing tools you have available. In our digital world, it’s now often a case of someone seeing a board, jumping online for more details and then contacting us to arrange a viewing!

Many thanks                                                     

Paul Forbes

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