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Why September is a great time to sell your house

Why September?

Are you considering putting your property up for sale? How and when your home goes on the market can determine whether you secure the right deal. And believe it or not the time is now. Yes, September could be the best time of the year to get your house sold and at the price you want.  But why?

New Year, New Home

With summer holidays out of the way and everyone back to normal routines, September is a key month for people to really focus on their property search.  A new school year forces people back into thinking about the year ahead which could spell a quick sale if your home is currently on the market. September is also a great month with enough summer sunshine for people to inspect homes before the clocks go back in October. People are also still feeling invigorated after their summer breaks motivating them to get things in order so be prepared and get that property ready for sale.

School Of Thought         

Buying a home in the desired catchment area is another key factor pushing buyers to snap up a property in September. Lots of school application deadlines occur in the New Year which has parents flocking to move to specific areas in the hope of getting their child into the school of their choice.   So if you have great schools local to you it would be ideal to make a real feature of this when marketing your home. Parents keen to get their children into a top school will be eager to get the ball rolling on a sale so offers may come in quicker than at other times of year as they hope to be in by the new calendar year.

Christmas Deadline

When people are thinking of making a move the impending deadline of Christmas is a date that many people want to work towards. And with an average of 8-10 weeks from sale to completion now is the time to get the ball rolling if you want to be in your new pad ready for the festive break.  This does mean that buyers could push for a speedy sale so make sure you have your ducks in a row so that you can keep your buyer interested.

With all of these key factors, you can see why September could be the lucky month that you sell your property quickly and for the best price. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do to help you get it sold.

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