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Who Should Do Your Property Viewings?

Your property is on the market and requests to view it have started rolling in. What do you do next? The objective of any viewing is to give potential buyers the opportunity to get a close up view of your property in the hope they like what they see and make you an offer. But who should be the ones to show them around your house?  Leave it to the professionals we say. Your estate agents should undertake the viewings where possible and here’s why:


Selling property is what estate agents do. They’re the experts. With years of experience behind them they will have that insight in looking out for the buying signs from potential buyers and will be skilled in building a rapport with them to make them comfortable and relaxed during the viewing. Any good estate agent should also be knowledgeable about the local area and will be able to showcase this when showing people around answering any questions they may have, especially if they are moving into a new area.

Sounding board

Estate agents can act as great sounding boards for any issues buyers might have with your property. For example if someone viewing your home is put off by a small kitchen they may not raise that with you for fear of offending you, but with an estate agent they could voice this allowing them to offer up solutions that work for them like knocking down walls or extending potentially making your property more appealing to them. This is also useful when it comes to offer time as the estate agents will have a good idea of what a prospective buyer is willing to pay based on their feedback, whether positive or negative, about your home.

Second viewings

If you’re lucky enough to have requests to view your property for a second time the strategy you opt for could be adapted. Obviously you can stick with the above approach and let your estate agent conduct the viewing again but if a prospective buyer is coming back it’s quite promising that they could put an offer in. This could be the time to stay home and assist on the viewing, offering insights on what it’s like to actually live in the property. If you want to do this then try to be as warm and welcoming as possible and answer any questions they ask with interest and enthusiasm. By meeting your buyers it could also help when it comes to offer time. Once they have met you it could ensure that negotiations start on the right footing, with consideration and respect on both sides as they are able to put a face to the person behind the house.

The priority with any viewing is that you’re comfortable and relaxed with what is happening. It’s essential to discuss in advance the viewing strategy you want to adopt with your estate agent to ensure that the viewing process is a smooth and happy process.

Here’s what you can do to prepare for viewings:

  • Give the property a thorough clean and tidy
  • Clear away any clutter
  • Banish lingering smells with a scented candle or air freshener and take pets out or on a walk
  • Ensure lighting works correctly in each room whether it’s ceiling lights or lamps
  • If it’s cold pop the heating or fire on to make sure the property is warm and comfortable
  • Discuss any issues with your property with the estate agent ahead of any viewings

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How would you prepare your home for viewings?

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