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Help! My property is not selling…

Property not selling? Four reasons why and how to fix them:

Your house has been on the market for a while but you don’t seem to be getting any offers. Do you drop the price? That’s not always the answer. Here are four helpful things you should investigate further before you even consider reducing the asking price.

  1. Your agent

Have you chosen the right local agent to market your property? While it may be very tempting to just go with the cheapest one it’s well worth the time and effort to really research your local agents and find out who will work best for you. They need to be knowledgeable about the area you live in to sell the benefits of it. Take a look at the current properties they have for sale – do you like the photography? Have they given detailed descriptions & floor plans on their website and property portals? As a leading local family estate agent, here at Forbes Estates we offer a helpful and personalised service with bespoke marketing that is tailored to your selling needs to achieve the best possible price.

  1. Does your house look good?

First thing to check is how your house looks in any marketing that you have. Does the online marketing or brochure have the best photos that show off your home in its best light?  Could your online description work harder by giving potential buyers a real insight into what it’s like to live in the house? Whatever you think is missing speak with your agent about ways of improving and implement any changes that will help. If they aren’t willing to make changes to get your property sold then it might be worth investigating going with another agent who will want your house to stand out from the crowd. And if you’re lacking in any inspiration than check out other properties that have recently sold and see what made them so appealing to buyers.

  1. Photography

When people are on the hunt for a new property to buy they’ll jump straight online to begin their search. This means that you will need great photographs of your home to attract house-hunters and stop them from scrolling past yours onto the next.  Before you consider an agent take a look at how they’ve photographed previous properties. Are the photos they’ve taken dark and amateurish? Or have they selected great angles for each room to really highlight its best features? A great agent will know the true benefit of a fantastic photographer who will capture thumb-stopping photos to attract the buyers to your home.

  1. Feedback

Your agent should have worked with you before any potential buyers even walk through the door to get your house presented to the best that it can be but sometimes there could be something you’re missing that could be putting people off. If you’ve had a selection of viewings and there still haven’t been offers, then it’s worth asking your agent for feedback from those that viewed your property to understand what it was that prevented them from putting in an offer.  Also find out from your agent how many people have viewed your property online. If numbers are high but you’re not getting any viewings then it may time to review the presentation of your property.

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