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Do I need a For Sale board to help sell my property?

One question we get asked a lot is ‘do I need a board outside my property?’

We never force our sign boards on any of our clients. It’s totally their choice and we understand that some people don’t like or want them outside their property.

But speaking from years of experience selling and letting homes in Chorley, Leyland, and Buckshaw, boards continue to work well in grabbing people’s attention and building interest in a property – whether it’s being sold or let.

In our digital world it’s now often a case of someone seeing a board, jumping online for more details and then contacting us if they’re interested in it.

Do not worry about your neighbours, we would suggest that you DO tell your neighbours what you are going to do as, in our opinion, your neighbours are spreading the good news that your house is available for sale. They are going to find out anyway shortly, so why not tell them your story before somebody else does?

Look at this as if you were the prospective home buyer:

  • A very high percentage of buyers will drive into an area and/or a specific street they want to live in and will look out for For Sale boards
  • If you look at it from a buyers point of view, when they enter the street we want them to concentrate immediately on your property and nobody else’s. There’s nothing worse than a potential buyer trying to find a property and then they see something else that puts them off the street or worse still, they see a neighbouring property for sale?
  • If you think about it this also applies to a potential purchaser that we may have already spoken to or may have already seen the property on the internet – we want them to be able to find the property immediately.
  • It goes without saying that if your potential buyer can’t immediately cast their eyes on your property because there’s no For Sale board then you run the risk of them missing yours and looking at the next available property on their list.
  • It is also extremely important at the viewing appointment stage that the buyer is attracted only to your property when they approach your street – we don’t want your buyer being put off at this point by any other distractions.
  • One final, but very important point is, ‘is this seller serious about selling?’. This is a question that is regularly asked when a board is not present. A quality buyer will only want to offer on a property where the seller is genuinely serious about selling.

Erecting a For Sale board is probably one of the best 24 hour marketing tools you have available and unless you really have a very good reason why would you not want to take advantage of it?

At Forbes Estates we will respect your wishes if you really do not want a board.

If you have any property related questions or thinking of selling or renting your property, please feel free to get in touch with us, we offer no obligation property advice meetings as part of our service to the local community.

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Best regards

Paul Forbes