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1 in 6 Retirees Renting in Retirement

In the ever-evolving UK housing landscape, renting is not just for the young. In fact, just under 1 in 6 retirees (975,230 of the 6.36million retired households) live in private rented accommodation.

The golden years are seeing a surprising trend as more and more retirees are choosing to rent. This shift is influenced by soaring house prices and the desire for flexibility in later life. While the dream of homeownership persists for many people, the practicality of renting in retirement presents compelling arguments.

Why Rent? Renting offers a freedom from mortgages, allowing retirees to live wherever they choose, be it near family or in dream locations. Selling your home to rent can boost retirement funds through released equity, providing financial comfort. Maintenance becomes the landlord’s responsibility, eliminating the hassle of upkeep.

Considerations: Yet, renting is not without its challenges. Rents can be high and potentially increasing over time. The lack of permanence might lead to frequent moves, and pet restrictions can be a deal-breaker for animal lovers although many landlords are amendable to them. Additionally, rent does not contribute to an asset that benefits one’s financial future.

Making the Choice: The decision to rent in retirement is deeply personal, hinging on individual circumstances and values. It’s about balancing the desire for flexibility and ease with the realities of rental costs and security.

For those navigating this decision, Forbes Estates stands ready to assist. With years of expertise in the local property market, we offer tailored advice to help retirees make informed choices that align with their lifestyle and financial goals. Call our team for further information on 01257 273324.

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